What We Are About

Hi there!

My name is Katie and I am the owner of Treetop Village ELC. I live in Bremerton, am married and have a son named Easton and a daughter named Westlyn.

In the past decade, I have been given many opportunities to work with children in a variety of ways. In the past five years, I found my passion in not only teaching our young children but creating positive learning centers for them to grow and learn in. I graduated in 2018 from The University of Washington completing my Bachelors in Early Education and Family Studies. This program has given me such a strong backing to pursue my dream of opening high quality child care and early learning centers.

Since moving into Kitsap area in 2011, I have become a member of our community with owning a small business with my husband in construction thus allowing me to make many connections with fellow business owners and highly regarded community members. I have communicated with many of these members of my passion and dream of starting a new early learning child care center in our area. The support and backing of this passion has been overwhelming. This has strengthened my drive in making my dream come true.

In the early stages of this business idea, I decided to start my research and go into many of the Kitsap County daycare and childcare centers to see what Kitsap county schools had to offer, gather tuition pricing and to see what they were lacking.

I want to offer our families unique and excellent care for their children while they are hard at work providing for their families but also be able to give families the security that their children are in a nurturing and positive learning atmosphere so they can play, grow and excel individually! I think a lot of owners and directors in child care are so set in just providing a place for children to be while their parents are at work. They forget that the ages from newborn to five are the most important time for children’s minds to learn and gain the knowledge and skills to keep excelling throughout their lives.

With my education and background in working with many early learning groups, school districts and our state and national accreditation agencies, I want to provide a wholesome higher quality child care setting to our local Kitsap families. I want to bring choices to our families so they can choose what kind of early education they want for their children and truly get what they pay for in their children’s tuition. Child care is not cheap. So why not give families better options for their children and learning?

Not only is the learning fundamentals of my child care center important but my vision for my center is also to provide a quality organic menu as well as promoting healthy and green living. I have created a four-week menu that uses many local vendors and offers over 50 different unique options to help open up children’s taste palates. With this menu, it will allow me to be USDA certified for providing healthy and nutritious meals and financially help because the school will be reimbursed a certain amount for every child fed.

My vision for families when they first walk into the center is to be warm and inviting. I want a welcoming area for parents to feel comfortable to be able to have a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee if wanted. I would love to offer a great resource center for parents filled with books on parenting, childhood challenges, brochures for community events and resources. Promoting community involvement is important to me.